This just in: I am looking for a new short-term job, ideally part-time, for three weeks. This will top-off my unemployment benefits so that I may find a medium-term job in computer services while I try to best find a fit for a long-term career path.


Chris Mann

7 place de l’Eglise

tel. : +33 781 811 811
email: chris@mann.fr


Here is some information about me.

My digital services are centered around an offer I call “Caplanicity.” Here are a few associated resources: Intranet Caplancity in French (edit only in Chrome), Trello MANN EIRL Project Page, Atlassian Jira and Confluence spacesCaplancity Website, Burnlog Website, Google Drive Project Space, How Wow Now website, Managence website, Old Managence Website, etc.

My photography services are largely concentrated around cheerleading for other professionals in the 4th eye studio. That group has it’s own  Trello pages (Organisation, Reservation, Inventory, Reference), Google Drive, intranet, Facebook (4eoeil, Rad Studio), etc.

I do have a Zenfolio account as an individual photographer and a Youtube account for my video production. I started a few websites (seeshoot.com, photo.mann.fr). I have a very old portfolio website on Zenfolio,

As a professional, I have LinkedIn and Viadeo pages, a GitHub account, a Source-forge account, etc.

As an individual, I have a Facebook profile (mainly for friends) and a twitter account. Here is the link to the administration interface for this en.mann.fr website.

I use Webfaction for my website and email-alias hosting. I use OVH for my domain name management. I also have websites at name.com. I think I am done with GKG.net and 1and1.com.

My use of online storage includes Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.com. I use Google Apps for business (email, drive, calendar, sites, admin console). I also have an iCloud account that I don’t use too often.